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Hello,! Thank you so much for my lovely Poodle puppy 🙂 She is so fluffy, energetic and so much beautiful! We call her Annie. It is only the second day with us and already became family honey! She loves running in the garden with our second dog Jerry. Jerry is quite jealous of her, but I think they will become best of friends in a few days 🙂 I will send you more photos and videos in the evening With love,


Hi, just wanted to let you know that Lilo is doing so good here. She got to hang out with me and my wife for about an hour before bedtime, and then she went to sleep in her new crate with no problems. Not a single peep out of her all night. She was then greeted by the boys at 6:00 a.m. This morning, and loved them instantly! They have been talking, petting, and playing with toys with her all day. Thanks so much for the wonderful pup, we just adore her. I have enclosed a couple of pics for you and will send some more again soon. Have a great day 🙂

Rolland & Angela

OK, I am finally figuring out my phone. I did send a blank email earlier by mistake. He did well last night. He slept in his kennel downstairs with the girls. They were soooo excited to meet him. They had tears. He doesn’t have a name yet-cant make up their minds. He loves to play with the other two dogs. He is eating, drinking well. The girls are taking him throughout the day in school here to meet their friends. All is great here. Thanks again for the little guy and we will let you know his name when they decide. There are two pics attached. Please let me know if they came through or not. Have a great day! The best Dog and Excellent Seller

Matt and Mala
Cincinnati, Ohio

If you are lucky enough to get a dog from Starlife Poodle puppies For Sale Online, your life will be complete. Everyone has an opinion what a dog should be, Poodle puppies is your wish come true. My dog is very smart, has a great personality and people who are afraid of dogs in my family love this dog. They told me their dogs were bred for personality and demeanor. This is true. The girls at the vets office see dozens of dogs a day and they love this dog. He is big for a puppy, house trained in two weeks and the most affectionate dog I have ever had. I can not say enough how happy I am. I have been around dogs my entire life and if you can get one of this line you will be lucky and glad you made the right choice. I feel lucky and blessed and I would not be any happier if I won the lottery.

San Francisco, Californianer

My name is Hope, I bought two Poodle puppies from you back in December 2018. I just wanted you to know that the have become an important part of our family . The are very energetic and full of life we just love our new puppies. They are growing in to their dog body. Moreover, learning so many new things like how to eat my new shoes and how to aggravate my other Pets, but all in all we love her and wouldn’t trade her for the world. I have included a picture of them. I will send you updates regularly. Take care


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